Prior to any actual recruitment and development activities, the client must be recognized ("accredited") by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Certain document ay be required by the Philippine Labor Department to be "Authenticated" or "Certified" by the ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Chamber of Commerce and Trade of the I lost country.

It is imperative that this one-time step be given the highest priority to avoid unnecessary delays in actual recruitment and deployment operations.

To achieve accreditation, the following document must be submitted.

1. Photocopy of the Employer's Commercial or Business Registration.

2. Photocopy of the Passport or any official identification Card of the Authorized Representatives.

3. A "Special Power of Attorney' (SPA) written on the official stationery (Letterhead) of the employer. This SPA states our appointments as the employer's AGENCY in the Philippines.

4. A "Standard Employment Contract" to be used by each of the employees. This contract will be received and must confirm to the standard imposed by the POEA.

5. A "Demand Letter" or "Job Order" using employer's official stationary describing the type, number and compensation package of workers needed.

6. An "Authority to Withdraw Visas" on employer's official stationary. This is needed only in case visas will be withdrawn in the Philippines.


This activity begins with the complete definition of the manpower requirement of the employer. It is mandatory to have the following information at this point:

1. "Job Order" or "Demand Letter" - this identifies the type number and compensation package of each category of workers needed. Should there be additional requirements in the future, another "Job Order' must be sent for pre-processing.

2. "Job Description" - this describes in detail the job requirement and the minimum qualification for each category workers needed.

3. Compensation Package - this will include basic, salary food allowance, accommodation allowance, overtime policy relocation benefits, medical benefits etc.

4. Employment Terms and Conditions - all details needed to draw the employment contract. This will include that contact duration, probation period etc.

Depending on the type, number and local availability of job categories, we will draw up and souring plan.

We will conduct preliminary screening to determine both technical and educational qualifications, English language proficiency and work attitude.

The end result of this activity is a short list of candidates for each job category, preliminary to the final interview and selection.

Please note at this point, No medical exams, passport and trade testing may be done because of the huge expense involved in these test. Philippine law disallows us to burden applicants with premature expenditures.

This activity is normally completed, within (2) to four (4) weeks depending on the volume and degree of availability of workers in each job category.


The employer on its option may send Representative/ or Authorized Foreign Representative to conduct the final interview of short- listed candidates. This activity must be done as soon as possible to keep the qualified applicants interest in the job.

Prior to the Representative's arrival, an interview schedule is prepared and appointments are confirmed.

Should responsibility for final interview be assigned to us complete interview results, technical evaluations and comprehensive resumes will be forwarded to clients for final selection and job offer.

This activity will be completed within one (1) week.


To formalize the employer's offer, we will require that a written "Job Order" be accomplished and faxed by the employer to the candidate under care of the agency.

This "Job offer' will be basis for medical test, documentation and processing to start.

To avoid deployment delays, we request that this stage a back-up candidate be named as well. This back up will be processed should be primary candidate fail in the medical, or for any reason fail to be deployed.

This activity must be completed within one (1) day to one (1) week depending on the volume and the deliberation process required to arrive at a decision.


As soon as the selected candidate passes the medical examination (and without waiting for other less problematic steps) we will require him to sign the employment contract. Necessary documents including performance/repatriation bonds will be executed by the candidate to ensure the commitment of the applicant that:

1. He will not apply with other Employer.
2. He will definitely board the airplane to the work site as scheduled.
3. He will be penalized should he fail without Employer's consent.

We can complete this activity in one (10 day to one (1) week depending to the volume and the deliberation process required to arrive at a decision.


At this stage, medical examinations, passport, visa applications and authentication of relevant documents will be done.

These documents will be completed within two (2) weeks. (These constitute working days only).


Upon completing of the passport and other necessary documents the visa or "No Objection Certificate" is applied for.

In certain countries, visa will only be released upon presentation of an airline ticket.

Depending on host country-specific consular schedules, this task may be from two (2) weeks to six (60 weeks.


The POEA requires from each worker the following:

1. The signed employment contract following the standard approved during accreditation of the employer.
2. Necessary life accident insurance.
3. Appropriate repatriation bond.
4. Other requisites to the issuance of the Overseas Employment Certificate.

This activity will be completed in one (1) to (2) weeks depending on the volume of workers being processed at the POEA.


Simultaneous to documentation and processing activities, ticketing and booking will be done according to the schedules required by the employer and the employee. In addition, we will conduct "Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar". Attendance by each worker is compulsory.

A written communication about arrival details will be to the employer so that the former or his representative at the airport will welcome the worker. A written confirmation about the schedule by the employer will be required.

Normally, this activity is completed within one (1) to two (2) weeks.


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